Pinterest Buyable Pins Get Big Upgrade in Usefulness

Pinterest announced the launch of price drop notifications for Buyable Pins. Now, if a Buyable Pin a user has saved drops in price, they’ll get a notification.

According to Pinterest, there are already over a million Buyable Pins with reduced prices every day. This added functionality should make this info more visible to interest parties, which should lead to more sales for businesses.

“As a catalog of ideas, our mission is to help people discover and do things they love in their everyday lives,” a spokesperson for Pinterest tells WebProNews. “Millions of people use Pinterest to discover new products (87% of active Pinners use Pinterest to help them decide what to purchase), and Buyable Pins make it easier to buy products you love right in the Pinterest app from +10K brands like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade and Moorea Seal. You can shop from more than 60 million Buyable Pins in your home feed, search results and in the Pinterest Shop.”

“In the Pinterest Shop on iPhone, iPad and Android, you’ll find some of the top Pins with reduced prices in a new shoppable collection, with exclusively reduced prices from Modern Citizen, Lucky Duck Boutique, Maude and more,” the spokesperson says. “There’s also a collection of last minute gift ideas with free shipping in the Pinterest Shop.”

A recent report indicated that Buyable Pins didn’t perform particularly well throughout Thanksgiving weekend, but that Pinterest doesn’t see that as a terribly big disappointment as it’s still early days for the feature. The price drop notifications could go a long way toward getting more people interested.

The new features are available with the latest updates for Pinterest’s iOS and Android apps.

Image via Pinterest

Pinterest Buyable Pins Get Big Upgrade in Usefulness

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