Slack Gets Do Not Disturb Feature

As we learned from a recent report, Slack has been readying a Do Not Disturb feature. Now, the company has officially announced it.

Users now have the ability to snooze notifications, and as Slack puts it, you can now send messages to people anytime without earning a reputation for interrupting people.

If you have Do Not Disturb turned on, you won’t get any notifications at all or hear any sounds on your device. Your status will feature a Do Not Disturb icon. People will still be able to send you messages, and you’ll be able to get them when you’re ready.

“Enabling Do Not Disturb is as simple as clicking the bell icon by your team name in the top right corner of your sidebar and choosing your desired time parameter. Just as easily, you can turn on Do Not Disturb right from your message box using the handy /dnd slash command,” the company explains. “When your time is up, you’ll receive a short summary with the number of new notifications received while you were unperturbed and blissfully productive, or gloriously relaxed as the case may be.”

You can snooze notifications on iOS and Android apps.

“You can schedule regular Do Not Disturb hours to let others know when you’re off the clock,” Slack notes. “By default, Do Not Disturb is turned on between 10pm and 8am in each team member’s time zone.”

Team owners and admins can adjust Do Not Disturb hours for the whole team from settings.

There is still an option to ignore the Do Not Disturb setting, so important messages can still get through.

Image via Slack

Slack Gets Do Not Disturb Feature

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