Skype Previews Slack Integration

Teams using Slack can now take advantage of a new Skype integration to engage in voice and video calls. Skype announced that this is now available in preview.

To set it up, just go to the Skype integration for Slack product page, and click “Add to Slack”.

“Once the Skype integration has been configured, anyone on the Slack team can start a Skype call from a computer,” Skype explains. “Just type ‘/skype’ into the chat and when the call is set up, a join link will appear. Whether your team members use Slack on the web, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, you’ll receive a Slack notification that a Skype call has started, so no one will ever miss a call again. Whenever you want to start a new call, just type ‘/skype’ into the chat again which will set up a new call for others to join.”

“To join a Skype call, all you need on the desktop is a web browser, or you can get the Skype mobile apps to join from your smartphone,” Skype says. “Anyone can join as a guest from a computer, or sign in with a Microsoft account or Skype Name. Please visit the Skype integration for Slack product page for more information and detailed system requirement.”

As the offering is only in preview mode, I expect there is potential for bugs, so keep that in mind.

Image via Skype

Skype Previews Slack Integration

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