Matthew Perry Not Joining Former Cast Mates for “Friends” Reunion

Matthew Perry is the only one of the former Friends cast mates who won’t be joining the others during the upcoming Friends reunion.


The actor best known for his role as Chandler Bing dished about his impending absence while filming an episode of The Graham Norton Show, and he sort of took the wind out of Friends fans’ sails.

“It’s not the reunion everyone is hoping for. They are celebrating Jim Burrows, who was a director of Friends,” Matthew Perry explains.

“The other five are going to be on this special and I am going to introduce them from London,” he continued. “I’m doing the play here so I can’t be there.”

Matthew Perry is starring in The End of Longing in London.

He admits he had no idea how enormous Friends would become.

“I knew it would be a success and that we had something special, but I didn’t know the giant hit it would become,” Perry says.


Will you be tuning in on February 2 to see Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrown, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc honor Jim Barrows on what has come to be known as the Friends reunion?

Are you disappointed to learn Matthew Perry won’t be there?

Matthew Perry Not Joining Former Cast Mates for “Friends” Reunion

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