Amber Coffman: Musician’s Accusation Of Sexual Harassment Leads To More Accusations, Resignation Of Music Exec

Amber Coffman, of Dirty Projectors, caused an unintended stir on Monday when she posted blatant accusations of sexual harassment against a publicist.

According to Amber Coffman, the encounter happened a couple of years ago.

Amber Coffman claimed that music publicist Heathcliff Berru rubbed her butt and bit her hair(?)at a bar in front of four male friends.

Instead of decking the jerk, like we all think we would, Amber Coffman froze up in shock, like most of us actually would.

After Amber Coffman made her accusations so very public, others started to come out of the woodwork with their own stories about Berru.


The stories ended up in the shameful resignation of Berru from his company, Life or Death PR and Management, and the loss of several of the firm’s clients.


Other tweets from Amber Coffman read, “I’ve been told many women have had scary stories about him for years but are scared to speak up. And dudes overlook it and keep hiring him,” and, “Tired of sketchy ass dudes and sexual predators getting a pass from their ‘bros.’ Grow a spine and hold your friends accountable.”




Life and Death PR and Marketing released a statement after Amber Coffman’s accusations saying, “We take these allegations very seriously. The men and women who make up this company do not, and will not, condone or tolerate any conduct described in the on-line postings.”

It went on to say, “Life Or Death is three men and three women who are committed to promoting art and serving the clients that we’re so privileged to represent. We are taking measures to ensure that the alleged behavior did not, and will not, make its way into company operations or impact our commitment to promoting art and assisting our clients.”


What do you think of the mini-revolution in the world of women in music that is going on right now because of Amber Coffman?

Amber Coffman: Musician’s Accusation Of Sexual Harassment Leads To More Accusations, Resignation Of Music Exec

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