Dr. Luke Vindicated: Video Shows Kesha Swearing That He Never Raped Her

Amid the outpouring of support that Kesha has been receiving from fans and fellow artists alike, Dr. Luke is standing his ground and maintains that there is no truth to the “TiK ToK” singer’s sexual assault allegations against him.




The embattled music producer, whose real name is Lucasz Gottwald, is currently embroiled in a very public legal battle with Kesha Rose “Kesha” Sebert, who claims that he had abused her “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally” over the course of ten years.


Last week, Justice Shirley Kornreich of the New York Supreme Court rejected Kesha’s motion for preliminary injunction that would have permitted her to record music outside her six-album contract with Dr. Luke’s company, Kemosabe Records.


A tearful Kesha was seen sobbing in the courtroom while the decision was announced. Since then, numerous prominent female celebrities have expressed their support and sympathy for the 28-year-old singer.




This unfortunate saga got even more interesting when TMZ got hold of a deposition that Kesha had given in 2011 in connection with a lawsuit filed against her and Dr. Luke. In the video, a rather relaxed Kesha can be seen answering questions about the producer. When asked if the drugging and rape allegations were true, she said no.




At one point in the deposition, the lawyer asked Kesha if she ever engaged in an “intimate relationship” with Dr. Luke.


“No. I don’t know what my mother told to David, but I know Dr. Luke never made any sexual advances at me,” was Kesha’s clear response.


While this new revelation might hurt Kesha’s chances at getting future appeals approved by the higher court, Dr. Luke is in no position to rejoice just yet.


In an effort to eliminate any incriminating evidence that could support Kesha’s sexual assault claims, Dr. Luke deleted a few of his past tweets. One tweet that was posted in 2009 showed a photo of a sleeping Kesha with the caption, “Damn my artists work hard!!!!!!!!”



Dr. Luke Vindicated: Video Shows Kesha Swearing That He Never Raped Her

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