Angela Raiola: “Mob Wives” Star Big Ang’s Eulogy, “To Know Angela Was to Love Angela”

Angela Raiola, the Mob Wives star best known as Big Ang, died on February 18 of cancer. She was surrounded by loved ones as she passed away. Two of those loved ones–friends Diane Morton-Gattulo and Vinnie Medugno–shared some poignant thoughts about Angela Raiola at her funeral. Morton-Gattulo wrote the eulogy. Medugno delivered it.


It was nearly a week ago that mourners gathered at the Basilica of Regina Pacis in Angela Raiola’s hometown of Brooklyn, New York to say goodbye to Big Ang. More than 200 people filled the church.




“To know Angela was to love Angela. She was not the sentimental and overly affectionate type. In fact that made her uncomfortable if you “cramped her style.” If you were a good time, and fun hearted like her; that was all of the love she needed to share with you. Her actions spoke volumes to explain just how BIG she loved,” one part of the eulogy reads.


“Angela was the type to give of herself time, and again. In the very short time of her celebrity coming into her life, she paid it forward more times than anybody I know, probably better than most of today’s A-List names that have much more than she ever did. Charity and humanity were two of the best characteristics and qualities that Angela embodied,” the eulogy continues.


The eulogy honoring Angela Raiola went on, sharing her love of giving back to those less fortunate.


“There wasn’t a charity or cause too big or too small for Angela to lend a helping hand to. She never turned anyone down, unless she was out of town, and still in good faith made a monetary donation to that cause or foundation. Many of times I personally accompanied Angela on long stretch evenings of three paid appearances, and she would stop at a charity event or personal cause, even if it were for just a half hour, un-paid and lend her services of meeting and greeting with fans to raise money and give support.”




Fans can read Angela Raiola’s eulogy in its entirety on People magazine’s website.


Mob Wives creator and producer Jennifer Graziano asked People to publish Angela Raiola’s eulogy, with permission from Vinnie Medugno and Diane Morton-Gattulo.

Angela Raiola: “Mob Wives” Star Big Ang’s Eulogy, “To Know Angela Was to Love Angela”

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