Adobe Summit: Know Before You Go

We’re all excited for the biggest Adobe Summit yet. You’re going to have a great experience, and we have lots of resources to help you do just that.


Here’s a quick look into some interesting, behind the scene, facts about Adobe Summit that will get you excited for the week, and help you prepare your shortlist of everything you’ll need.


Venetian/Palazzo is the 2nd Largest Hotel in the World


The Venetian and The Palazzo together offer over 7,000 rooms on 53 floors, making their hotel offering the 2nd largest hotel in the world. Summit has grown so big, it’s only fitting that we take the event somewhere worthy of our 10,000 guests.


You’ll Measure your Walking in Miles Instead of Cubicles


Because this is our first year in Las Vegas, we don’t have any stats on the actual distance you should anticipate walking. However, you can rest assured that it will be farther than from the elevator to your desk.


With great space, comes the need for great walking shoes. You won’t be hiking Mount Fuji, but you’ll want stylish shoes that are comfortable to get you through an entire day. You’ll also want a water bottle to stay hydrated.


You’ll be in 75 Degree Weather or Warmer


If you’ve been to past Summit’s in Utah, you’re probably thinking snowcapped mountains and a chilly breeze. This year, however, Las Vegas has been above 75 degrees consistently for several weeks.


While the hotels are connected, and you can access all your sessions under one air-conditioned roof, there will be opportunities to peak your head outside to see the sun.


Adobe Bash will be OUTSIDE this year in the LINQ parking lot. With multiple entertainment options at Bash alone, we’ve taken the best of the Las Vegas entertainment genres and created the perfect evening. There is going to be live entertainment from a world-famous band, action sports with Motocross, fireworks, a DJ, tons of free food and drinks, and everything Vegas has to offer you in one spot. Summit Bash is going to be something you won’t want to miss.


So if you think the Las Vegas weather isn’t warm enough for you, or you get cold in well air-conditioned spaces, consider bringing a jacket. For the rest of you traveling from area’s still holding onto winter, consider dusting off some of your lighter summer clothing. Dress for Summit is Business Casual.


You’ll Hear from 3 Celebrities, and Many Noteworthy Speakers


From the main stage alone we’ve got a world-famous line-up. George Clooney, Donny Osmond and Abby Wambach will catch your attention for sure. While this might not be the time to get an autograph for your little girl, this is a perfect time to have some note-taking material ready.


For those of you who take notes on your phone or mobile device, you’ll have free Wi-Fi, accessible without a password. Just remember your phone is going to be working as hard as you are. Don’t get caught with a dead battery. Power stations and outlets often get claimed quickly. Consider packing an extra power source and an additional power cord to charge your devices when you can.


There will be 100s Prizes and Giveaways


Keep your phone close by your side to enter and win an iPad Pro, celebrity signatures, and much more. You’ll find surveys with prizes on the mobile app, after Summit sessions, as well as at Bash, the Community Pavilion and other areas around Summit.


Download the Summit app now, and get up-to-the-minute announcements, access and updates to your Summit session agenda, view conference maps, and connect with other attendees.


The Lost and Found Will Grow


Americans lose an average of $5,591 over a lifetime by forgetting things and then not checking the lost and found. For things like coat check, lost and found, support and general information on-site, visit the registration area at Summit.


It is Impossible To See Everything At Summit


Summit is so big, that it is nearly impossible to attend every session and hear every speaker. However, there are a few things you don’t want to miss:


Vertical industry mixer: It’s one thing to sit in a room learning alongside other people in analytics, but it’s a whole different experience to talk with other analytic specialists in your vertical. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and network.


Wed 3:30-5:00pm at the Community Pavilion



Community Pavilion: This open area is not just our 106 sponsors, we’ve upgraded the experience to engage you in a connected world experience. Get your golf swing analyzed or take a seat at the sports bar, visit the community park or get a massage, experience some new tech or have an artist sketch your profile, and much more.


Tuesday: 11:30-5:30pm, 6:30-8:30pm


Wednesday: 12:30-5:30pm


Thursday: 10:30-3:00pm



Stay connected to the Adobe Summit experience by following the conversation with our Summit 2016 Social Media Channels:


Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Adobe Conversations Blog


For more details on registration and more, please look for the Know Before You Go email in your inbox. See you at Summit!


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Adobe Summit: Know Before You Go

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