#125: 360 Degrees of UnPodcast

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Emma, Official Sponsor of the UnPodcast


In this episode of the UnPodcast, we discuss the 360 Degree VR Experience that’s sweeping the planet and what, if any, use it can be for your brand’s marketing. Also, we highlight some virtual (see what we did there?) gems in dumbery from the likes of movie theatres, marketing conference demos, and even low-cost airlines.










Other topics include:

    • [00:00:00.00]Emma Sponsorship Mention
    • [00:00:32.18]360 Degrees of UnPodcast
    • [00:01:54.16]Emma Sponsorship mention
    • [00:02:33.12]Virtually Augmented Reality… Who Cares?
    • [00:08:21.21]A Working Example
    • [00:10:35.25]6×9 Solitary Confinement
    • [00:12:15.28]Answering the “Why?”
    • [00:13:34.27]Emma Sponsorship mention
    • [00:14:09.12]Faux Personalization
    • [00:16:11.04]Listener Question: Why are great marketing events so expensive to attend?
    • [00:25:39.10]Stop Pirating Tweets
    • [00:28:31.11]Emma Sponsorship mention
    • [00:29:00.14]No Allegiance for Allegiant
    • And so much more…

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#125: 360 Degrees of UnPodcast

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